Bargain The World of Sport (DVD) Stockists

Bargain The World of Sport (DVD) Stockists

MUHAMMAD ALI VS. GEORGE FOREMAN, 1974 An action-packed look at one of the greatest heavyweight bouts in boxing history, The Rumble in the Jungle . CRICKET S GREATEST ENTERTAINERS Michael Atherton selects a team of the most entertaining players ever to have graced a cricket field, all the selections are endorsed with scintillating action. THE GOLDEN AGE OF GOLF A remarkable collection of 2 minute snapshots of golf s historic moments feature the crown jewels of the game. LEGENDS OF WORLD RUGBY This action-packed programme features profiles on some of the greatest international players to have ever played the game. 200 GREAT GOALS No stone has been left unturned to collect the most impressive and skillful goals you ve ever seen. 12 GREATEST GRAND NATIONALS Relive the romance and emotion from the greatest Grand Nationals run over the last 45 years of the televised race. Running Time: 390 minutes Region: All Regions Release Date: 13 Jun. 2011

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Train To Busan (DVD) Stockists

One of the best horrors of 2016, this Korean masterpiece follows a couple of passengers struggling to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan while a zombie-virus breaks out in South Korea. It’s an emotional, inventive ride that will keep you guessing till the very closing seconds.

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Nice Package (DVD) Stockists

Starring: Dwayne Cameron, Leon Cain, Isabella Tannock A wannabe professional thief, his gay best friend, a sexy hostage, some thugs and a mystery package everyone wants. Genre: Film Release Date: 9th November 2015 Year of production: 2014 Director: Dan Macarthur Running Time: 95 min Cat No: 139274 Barcode: 5019322392743 No Disc: 1 Format: DVD  

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Come September (DVD) Stockists

Romantic comedy starring Rock Hudson as wealthy American Robert Talbot. Talbot usually stays only one month per year at his Italian villa, but decides to pay a visit in July. Tony (Walter Slezak), who takes care of the villa, gets the surprise of his life when his employer turns up as he runs the villa as a hotel for the remainder of the year. Hudson also has a fight on his hands as his long-term girlfriend Lisa Fellini (Gina Lollobrigida) has decided to marry someone else. Running Time: 113 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Czech|Danish|Dutch|Finnish|French|German|Hungarian|Italian|Norwegian Release Date: 04/04/2005

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Treasure Island - The Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

Set in the dangerous world of buccaneers, this adaptation of the much-loved Robert Louis Stevenson classic Treasure Island will take viewers on a high octane adventure following the story of Jim Hawkins as he discovers Flint's treasure map. The two part drama follows the story of Jim Hawkins who's unexpectedly drawn into the world of piracy when he discovers Flint's treasure map. However, Long John Silver will stop at nothing to get hold of the gold for himself. As they set sail for Treasure Island, Jim embarks on an action adventure that will change his life forever. Starring Emmy Award winner Eddie Izzard in the role of Long...

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Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away [2012] (DVD) Stockists

Visionary filmmakers James Cameron (Avatar) and Andrew Adamson (Shrek) invite you on a spectacular movie adventure unlike anything you've seen before. Leap, soar, swim and dance with the legendary performers of Cirque du Soleil as they transport a young couple on a magical journey?* worlds away and beyond imagination. * Rick Bentley, The Fresno BeeSpecial Features: Making Worlds Away A Day in the Life with Erica Linz Running Time: 87 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English|Danish|Dutch|Finnish|Swedish|Norwegian Release Date: 07/15/2013

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Bob The Builder - Bob's Winning Team [1999] (DVD) Stockists

Eight sports-themed escapades with the world's favourite construction worker. In 'Wendy's Big Match' Bob struggles to tidy his yard in time for a builder's contest. 'Wendy's Tennis Court' sees Spud make a mess of things when the gang attempt to build a tennis court. 'Bob's Barnraising' has Bob help Farmer Pickles to fix up his barn at harvest time. 'Eskimo Bob' finds Bob trying his hand at some skiing. 'Clumsy Roley' sees Roley causing trouble when he starts flattening things accidentally. 'One Shot Wendy' has the team build a crazy golf course. 'Bob on the Run' finds the machines doing their bit for charity when they offer...

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The Great Fire (DVD) Stockists

The Great Fire of London was a catastrophic event for Britain:one of the most devastating fires we have ever experienced. It destroyed almost the entire old city and has become a national memory burnt into our consciousness. 350 years on, we have all heard of the Great Fire... but what do we actually know about what happened? Now, this exciting, three-part series takes us inside one of the most iconic events in British history in a way we've never seen before. Peeling away the truisms, a team of presenters use 21st century science and new historical evidence to reveal the Great Fire of London as it really happened. The series...

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Amelie (Blu-ray) Stockists

Amelie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) is a young woman who glides through the streets of Paris: observing. With wide eyes and a tiny grin, she sees the world in a magical light, discovering minor miracles every day. A shy girl whose favorite moments are spent alone skimming stones into the water, Amelie was raised by a pair of eccentrics who falsely diagnosed her with a heart problem at the age of six and so limited her exposure to the outside world. Now a free and independent woman, Amelie wears a bob that curls in every direction and dresses in red. With a job in a cafe and an aptitude for spying on her neighbors, Amelie entertains...

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Family Plot (DVD) Stockists

Alfred Hitchcock's 54th and final film. Fake medium Blanche (Barbara Harris) and her boyfriend Lumley (Bruce Dern) are attempting to scam the elderly Miss Rainbird (Cathleen Nesbitt) by discovering the long-lost heir to her family fortune. Meanwhile, sinister jeweller Arthur Adamson (William Devane) plots a kidnapping scheme with his girlfriend, Fran (Karen Black). Although no link is immediately discernible between the activities of the two couples, their paths eventually cross in the most unexpected of ways. Running Time: 135 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: German|Dutch|Swedish|Norwegian|Danish|Finnish Release Date:...

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Billy Liar 1 [1973](DVD) Stockists

Jeff Rawle stars as the eponymous hero in this series based on Keith Waterhouse's original play and the 1963 feature. Overimaginative and prone to flights of fancy, Billy deals with his mundane reality by dreaming of a new life as a successful comedy writer in London. Episodes are: 'Billy and the Matrimonial Stakes'; 'Billy and the Muse of Fire'; 'Billy and the Birthday Treat'; 'Billy and the Bedsit'; 'Billy and a Little Learning'; 'Billy and the New Life'; 'Billy and the Food of Love'; 'Billy and the Oriental Philosophy'; 'Billy and the Scales of Justice'; 'Billy and the Bedside Manner'; 'Billy and the Temporary Position';...

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