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The Zelfs' live in an enchanted garden full of surprises called Zardenia. They dwell in different fabitats tucked all over the the trees, mounds of rocks and even dark corners. They attend Zardenias School of Rock Garden and swap convo at Witchbrew Bistro. Love your Zelf and they’ll share their special powers.  Each Zelf is totally unique and has a special power that only shines when they are loved. Fancy yourzelf a curl or a crimp? Venus Flytrap Spin Salon is the place to primp! Includes exclusive "Tressa" medium size Zelf and a range of hair accessories! Twirl and swirl your Zelf, give them and yourzelf a good hair day. For ages 5 and over. Box Contains 1 x Collectors Leaflet1 x Hairbrush1 x Tiara1 x Hairsie clip2 x Clips with extensions1 x Spin Salon

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