Bargain Theirs Is The Glory Remastered Edition (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Theirs Is The Glory Remastered Edition (DVD) Stockists

This digitally re-mastered version of the classic World War 2 film tells the story of the Battle of Arnhem of 1944. The film was produced in 1945 and is unique amongst War films in that it was filmed entirely without the use of studios or sets or actors. The film cleverly weaves original footage with re-enactments shot on location in Arnhem featuring the men from the Airbourne Regiment who actually fought in the Battle. After sweeping through France and Belgium in the summer of 1944 the allies were poised to enter Holland. Field Marshall Montgomery favoured a single thrust north over the Rhine to attack the Ruhr with the aim of winning the War by the end of 1944. To achieve their objective the allies launched Operation Market Garden on 17th September 1944 but from the start the plan ran into difficulties. The paratroopers encountered fierce German resistance and suffered heavy casualties before finally being withdrawn in 9 days later. This film is a tribute to every man who fought at Arnhem and an everlasting memorial to those who gave their lives. Running Time: 79 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 1 Sept. 2014

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Mona Lisa (BLU-RAY) Stockists

Mona Lisa (BLU-RAY)

'Mona Lisa (BLU-RAY) Deal' priced at £15.99  =>  Click for Deal


Citizen Khan - Series 1 (DVD) Stockists

Sitcom following the trials and tribulations of self-appointed Muslim community leader Mr Khan and his long suffering family. Khan is a larger-than-life character, a small man with big dreams and strident opinions. Like many of us he's struggling to make ends meet “ but he's proud of his thriftiness “ witness his 1979 suit and ancient yellow Mercedes. Things would be so much easier if everyone just listened to him and followed his lead, but his obsessively house-proud wife and two feisty daughters have other ideas. Starring Adil Ray, Shobu Kapoor, Felix Dexter, Kris Marshall, Maya Sondhi, Bhavna Limbachia and Abdullah Afzal....

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Alias Smith And Jones - Season Three (DVD) Stockists

Journey to the rough 'n' rowdy West and join the misadventures of two outlaws as every Season Three episodes of Alias Smith and Jones comes to DVD! Kid Curry (Ben Murphy) and Hannibal Heyes Pete Duel) are two ex-bandits who just want to walk the straight and narrow. But before the governor will give them amnesty, they're going to have to live their lives as Thaddeus Jones and Joshua Smith, avoiding the bounty hunters on their old personas! Created by Glen Larson (Magnum P.I., Knightrider, Buck Rogers) and co-starring such legendary guest stars such as Susan Saint James, it's the TV Western that show's why the west was so wild!...

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The Army Game - Series 1-5 (All 50 remaining episodes) (DVD) Stockists

50 episodes of the popular 1950s British television sitcom about a group of hopeless National Service conscripts assigned to the Surplus Ordnance Department. Follow the fortunes of Alfie Bass, Charles Hawtrey, Frank Williams, Dick Emery and Bernard Bresslaw, as they try to serve out their time in the National Service by doing as little as they possibly can, much to the annoyance of Regimental Sergeant Major Bullimore (William Hartnell). Running Time: 1250 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 25 Aug. 2008

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The Frank Sinatra Show Welcome Home Elvis (DVD) Stockists

When Elvis Presley burst onto the music scene in 1956, he shocked a nation and inspired a generation. With his unique performing style, he defined an era and his influence is still felt throughout the musical world today. In 1958, Elvis left a void when he was drafted into military service and stationed in Germany. So it was no surprise that when he returned to the world stage his army of adoring fans were waiting for him. His profile was so great that Frank Sinatra invited him to appear on his hugely popular TV show as his main guest. Join Sinatra in the ' Welcome Home Elvis' (from National Service) TV special. Rare archive...

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Lola Montes: The Restored Edition [1955] (DVD) Stockists

Martine Carol stars as notorious 19th century Mexican circus performer Lola Montes, who in her heyday counted among her lovers the crowned heads of France, Italy, Poland, and Russia. The film dwells upon Lolas' extended affairs with King Ludwig of Bavaria (Anton Walbrook) and composer Franz Liszt (Will Quadflieg). We learn of these various amours in flashback form, for the film is framed by a prologue and epilogue in a tawdry New Orleans circus, where an old and faded Lola is exploited by a slimy nickel-and-dime ringmaster.Special Features Lola Montes Revisted - A documentary on the making of the filmCommentary by Susan White,...

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Vampyros Lesbos (DVD) Stockists

From Jess Franco, the filmmaker The Vatican called "the most dangerous director in the world", comes the most celebrated movie of his legendary career: Stunning Soledad Miranda stars as a vixen vampire who lures women to a Mediterranean island to satisfy her insatiable lust for female flesh and blood. It's a mind-bending odyssey of surreal erotica and '70s EuroHorror, featuring the psycho-sexadelic soundtrack that remains a global phenomenon. Ewa Strá¶mberg [SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY], Dennis Price [VENUS IN FURS], Paul Muller [NIGHTMARE CASTLE] and Franco himself co-star in this landmark cult classic, now remastered in HD and...

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Jasper Carrott - Beat The Carrott: Live At The London Palladium (DVD) Stockists

Live performance from the stand-up comic, recorded at the London Palladium in 1981 and featuring some of his best routines and comical songs. Running Time: 50 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 09/05/2005

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Robocop - Resurrection [DVD] Stockists

Resurrection is the third volume in the series and features the events following the battle between Robocop (Page Fletcher) and Robo Cable. While the two recuperate, Robocop's son, James, dispatches a group of Robo Hunters to seek out and take down Robo once and for all. Running Time: 91 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 25/05/2009

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My Blue Heaven (DVD) Stockists

Classic comedy starring Betty Grable. Kitty (Grable) and Jack (Dan Dailey) are a popular husband-and-wife entertainer team making their move from radio to television. However, as exciting as this progress is, they believe their lives will be complete when they can start a family. But when they decide to adopt they are ultimately rewarded with an overabundance of babies. Running Time: 96 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 5 Nov. 2012

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