Bargain Thomas And Friends   Carnival Capers [2009] (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Thomas And Friends - Carnival Capers [2009] (DVD) Stockists

More adventures with Thomas the Tank Engine and friends. The fun fair is coming to Sodor, and all the engines have been asked to help - except for Percy, who is none too pleased to be left out. But when all the other trains grind to a halt because they have run out of fuel, Percy realises the importance of his job of pulling the coal as he is called upon to get everyone working again. Running Time: 70 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 20/04/2009

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The Count Of Monte Cristo (DVD) Stockists

In this made for television adaptation, Richard Chamberlain plays Edmond Dantes, an innocent man who is falsely accused of helping the exiled Napoleon, and imprisoned on an island. After 15 harsh years, he makes his escape and proceeds to take revenge on the people who framed him. With Trevor Howard, Tony Curtis (as the evil Mondego), Louis Jourdan and Donald Pleasence. Running Time: 98 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 07/05/2007

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Vintage Farm Machinary (DVD) Stockists

The Lawrence family have lived at Isleport Farm for 100 years. By way of a celebration, they decided to hold a vintage hay and harvesting day down on the farm, to show how some of the work would have been carried out in times gone by. We sent Gerry Burr down to see what farming was like 100 years ago. To see how many machines developed from horse drawn days to horse power days. He came across some of the rarest machines in the world including mowers made by farmers out of old cars and bits of junk that still work today. Running Time: 55 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 23 Jan. 2017

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The Day After [1983] (DVD) Stockists

The horrors of nuclear holocaust are illustrated here by the effect they have on the lives of everyday Americans in the Midwest. While surgeon Dr Russell Oakes waits for news of reconciliation between world leaders, farmer Jim Dahlberg is preparing for his daughter's wedding and Alison Ransom is waiting to give birth to her first child. None of these people are prepared for the devastation that is about to wreck their lives. Running Time: 122 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 1 Jan. 2008

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The Subterranean Railway (DVD) Stockists

The Subterranean Railway DvdThe dramatic story of the men who made the world's first, and still the largest, underground railway. Since Victorian times, London's underground railway has played a vital role in the daily life of generations of Londoners. This intriguing new documentary celebrates the vision and determination of those pioneers who conceived this revolutionary transport system and the men who tunnelled to make the tube. Based on the popular book by Christian Wolmar, Britain's leading commentator on the railways, and enhanced by stunning archive material and evocative film, this DVD reveals London's hidden wonder...

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The Big Short (DVD) Stockists

Adam McKay co-writes and directs this financial drama starring Brad Pitt, Steve Carell, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling. The film follows eccentric financial analyst Michael Burry (Bale) as he uncovers an impending crash in the housing market and puts together a plan to profit from it. As Burry's predictions are spread by those who believe he is mad, a small number of people, including Jared Vennett (Gosling), Ben Rickert (Pitt) and Mark Baum (Carell), get on board with his idea in the hope of saving their assets. The supporting cast includes Selena Gomez, Rafe Spall and Karen Gillan. The film was nominated for six Academy...

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Mr Selfridge - Series 4 [2016] (DVD) Stockists

London, 1928. Nine years have passed and Harry Selfridge is at the pinnacle of his wealth and celebrity and enjoying the frenzy of the roaring 20s. But in this buzzing, fast-evolving world, Harry is splashing his cash in an unprecedented, dangerous way. As he parties and gambles with stage stars, the Dolly Sisters, and pursues risky new business ventures, the trials and tribulations of our other much loved characters, and a handful of newcomers, also unfold. Lady Mae returns to London to rebuild her life whilst Mardle and Grove thrash out their differences, and Kitty and Frank embark on the biggest challenge to their relationship...

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Cefalonia (DVD) Stockists

It was one of the most notorious atrocities of World War II and inspired the bestseller Captain Corelli s Mandolin. 8 September 1943 proved to be a fateful day for the Acqui Division, part of the predominantly Italian force occupying Cefalonia: it was the day the Allies concluded an armistice with Italy. Confusion now reigned between the Italian and German troops stationed on the island. The Italians longed to return peacefully to their homeland, but the Germans now their enemies feared that the Italians might use their munitions in a hostile act. As Nazi reinforcements invaded the island, the Italian troops did something extraordinary....

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The Greengage Summer [2010] (DVD) Stockists

Sixteen-year-old takes charge of her two younger sisters and brother when they are suddenly forced to fend for themselves in a foreign land, with the only help coming from an understanding stranger. The teenager suddenly finds herself a woman. Running Time: 99 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 20 Sept. 2010

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