Bargain Tin Ring Stockists

Bargain Tin Ring Stockists

A peaceful childhood in pre-war Czechoslovakia seemed on course for a happy ending with her soul-mate Arno: but Hitler and war intervened. Arno perished in the Holocaust but Zdenka carried his ring from Terezin to Auschwitz to Kurzbach on a 300-mile death march to Gross Rosen and finally to Belsen. There in the last chaotic days of the war she almost died of starvation but was saved by a British army officer whose name she never learnt and to whom her book The Tin Ring is dedicated.

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Fast Forward Green: Powering Cars (Non-fiction) Level 14 Stockists

Every day, thousands of cars are driven around the world. They take people to school and work. They have become an important part of everyday life. Fast Forward Instructional Texts are especially designed for teacher-led guided or shared reading sessions with less-able readers (either individuals or groups at the same level) and form the core of Fast Forward’s finely-levelled approach. Vibrant illustrations and photographs are paired with engaging, varied topics and stories to ensure that there’s something for every type of reader. Audio to accompany each Instructional Text can be downloaded from

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PM Magenta: Big Sea Animals (PM Plus Starters) Level 2 x 6 Stockists

This book emphasises the word ‘big’. It features the names and photographs of big sea animals in an aquarium. Magenta level titles (equivalent to the Pink book band) are perfect for introducing fundamental reading concepts and skills to early and emergent readers. PM Plus Starters build emergent reading concepts and skills. High-frequency words and simple sentence construction are gradually introduced throughout the 20 fiction and six non-fiction texts

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GCSE Maths AQA Revision Guide (with Online Edition) - Foundation Stockists

This updated and refreshed version of CGP's bestselling Revision Guide is the ideal companion to GCSE Maths - it even includes a free online edition that can be used wherever you have internet access. Every topic from the Foundation Level AQA A & B courses is explained in a concise friendly style with a sprinkling of CGP humour to keep things interesting. Grade information is included to show the difficulty level of each topic and there are summary questions at the bottom of each page to test you on the important skills. And finally a unique code is printed in the book that gives you access to the free online digital version...

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Doughnuts Dreams and Drama Queens Stockists

Spectacular. Bathsheba is back - and off to Dramarama Camp! Bathsheba can't wait to go to Dramarama camp with her best friend Keisha. But when Keisha's granny falls ill Bathsheba has to go by herself. Luckily lovable Bath soon makes friends and uses her budding talent to fight off stiff competition from an ambitious camp clique of returning pupils - landing a starring role in the final cabaret! But when Dramarama Camp's director breaks her leg the special guest-tutor Hollywood starlet Avocado Dieppe (and Bath's arch-nemesis!) turns directorial diva and steals Bath's role in the show! It looks like Bath's chances of fame...

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Maggie Rowan Stockists

There were plenty around Fellburn who said she was as plain as a pikestaff but Maggie Rowan more than made up for it by her dogged determination to succeed. They reckoned that once a miner's daughter like Maggie had tasted power she'd be like a beggar on horseback - and ride straight to hell. Maggie's two main desires in life were a child she could love and one of those big houses on Brampton Hill - which was what she had in her sights when she asked Christopher Taggart to marry her. And she meant to have them both despite the scorn of some folk who thought they knew what Maggie Rowan deserved better than she did herself.

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Hugo Complete French Stockists

Learn to speak and understand French with this comprehensive book and CD set ideal for beginners. This unique pack which includes 2 books and six 60 minute CDs featuring native French speakers will take you from beginner to fluent speaker in just a few months. Carefully structured the week-by-week course will walk you through how to pick up and improve French speaking writing reading and listening skills. Fully updated for the 21st century traveller it includes contemporary French vocabulary and expressions so you'll soon be confident enough to order cafe au lait in Paris and vin rouge in Toulouse!

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Dial M for Murdoch Stockists

For years Rupert Murdoch's newspapers had been hacking spying blagging bribing and destroying the evidence. They thought they were untouchable. They were wrong. This is the book that exposed the shadow state at the heart of Britain. Now fully updated with the very latest in the News Corp scandal it tells the story of how a criminal conspiracy involving politicians the police and the press was revealed; the smears and threats they used to cover it up; the brave whistleblowers who cracked open the case - and what it now means for all of us.

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All She Wants For Christmas book Stockists

Medical October 2011 The tinsel is up and Christmas party invites are flooding in! And this year hearing therapist Beth Travers has made a few secret Christmas wishes… 1. Wonder how new heart surgeon Matt Sutherland would feel about being gift-wrapped? He’s definitely on my present list! 2. Helping Matt and little son Jack with their Christmas tree reminds me how much I’d love a family of my own to decorate one with… 3. Dare I dream about a stolen kiss under the mistletoe at the Christmas party…? Are three Christmas wishes allowed? Well, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping so!

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Shelter from the Storm ebook Stockists

Intrigue December 2008 Diagnosis: desire Six foot and spicy hot, Sheriff Daniel Galvez wasn’t the kind of man women said no to. Unless you were Lauren Maxwell. Years ago, Daniel had worked a case that had destroyed her family…and her trust in men. Now Lauren’s come home, a trauma doctor, all cool-eyed and distant – and in need of a strong lawman to help her safeguard a battered teenage patient. Holed up together, Daniel swears to bridge the distance between them – even if it means having his own heart broken again.

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Insight Pocket Guide: Slovenia Stockists

This brand new edition Insight Pocket Guide is the ideal companion for your trip to Slovenia. Expertly written by a local author it features 12 tailor-made itineraries designed to cover all the recommended sights and attractions including the historic capital city of Ljubljana and the Krka Valley Monasteries to Ptuj and the Jeruzalem wine road. You can pick the tour to suit the time you have to spare either half-day full-day or overnight excursion so no matter how long your stay you can be sure you will see the very best of this fascinating area. Each route is clearly marked on a detailed and fully-indexed pull-out map...

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