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Build your bot! Transformers Construct-Bots figures let you create powerful Transformers robots with pieces that you assemble. Build your favorite characters, change them into their alternate mode, and create custom bots from your imagination. You can even add parts from other Construct-Bots sets (sold separately) to create your own unique bots! To ensure you get real Transformers action, Construct-Bots figures can change between modes without being taken apart. This buildable Dinofire Grimlock figure stands 10 inches tall and is loaded with firepower, including a light-up Firebreath Launcher, 2 side-mount, rapid-fire cannons, and 9 missiles. It also comes with an Optimus Prime figure so you can form the ultimate Autobot-Dinobot team-up! Build, Change, and Battle: Transformers Construct-Bots sets let you create your favorite Transformers robots and customize them. This 79-piece set lets you build Dinofire Grimlock, the biggest figure in the Transformers: Age of Extinction Construct-Bots universe, plus an Optimus Prime figure that can ride on the back of the Grimlock figure when the Dinobot leader is in Tyrannosaurus mode. Once you've built your figures, convert from robot to T-Rex mode or robot to vehicle mode and back without taking them apart! Build the Grimlock and Optimus Prime figures to re-create your favorite scenes from the Transformers: Age of Extinction movie, or mix and match parts to customize your creations and construct the most powerful Transformers robots you can imagine. Switches From Robot to Dino - No Rebuild Required: When you create a Transformers Construct-Bots figure, you get real Transformers action. Each Construct-Bots figure features an alternate mode and can convert from robot to either vehicle or Dinobot mode and back without being taken apart. The figures are articulated for poseability and action play and have multiple ports you can use to attach weapons and armor. This buildable Dinofire Grimlock figure comes ready for battle with a light-up missile launcher in his jaws, 2 side-mount, rapid-fire cannons, 9 missiles, and a buildable Optimus Prime figure that can ride on its back in T-Rex mode. Loaded With Firepower: The mighty Dinobot Tyrannosaurus Rex Grimlock is one of the most ferocious warriors in the universe. Dinofire Grimlock lets you imagine you're blasting Decepticons with firepower worthy of the Dinobot king. Fire missiles from the light-up Firebreath Launcher and imagine you're unleashing a fireblast from the giant T-Rex's jaws, or use the rotating rapid-fire, side-mount cannons! The included Optimus Prime figure fits on the back of the Dinobot when the Grimlock figure is in T-Rex mode. Unite the Autobot and Dinobot leaders to create a force no Decepticon can stop, and ride into battle together. Includes buildable Grimlock action figure, buildable Optimus Prime figure, light-up Firebreath Launcher, 2 rapid-fire cannons, 9 launching missiles, 2 button-cell alkaline batteries, and instructions Build your biggest bot- Build in robot mode, then change to T-Rex mode or vehicle mode and back without taking the figures apart Comes with a light-up Firebreath launcher, 2 rapid-fire cannons, and 9 missiles Optimus Prime figure included Ages 7 and up Two 1.5V A76 alkaline batteries included

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