Bargain VEX Screw Lift Stockists

Bargain VEX Screw Lift Stockists

The VEX Screw Lift brings together engineering, mechanics and play into one fun educational toy. This fantastic Screw Lift uses the principles of the Archimedes Screw which was first invented thousands of years ago in ancient empires. The 170 piece set puts principles into action, giving you everything you need to build your very own fully functioning model. Made from simple click together pieces and easy to follow instructions budding builders and engineers will be able to build their very own mechanism without the need for glue, batteries or specialist tools.   Once completed children can learn as they play, teaching kids (and adults alike!) about kinematics, linkages and reciprocal motion using the gears to turn, the axles to twist and setting the balls rolling as you turn the handle. And when you’ve had your fill of ancient architectural fun, you can turn your hand to the two other designs that come with this fantastic set that includes a tank and sabre to build too. Even better is that all pieces in your VEX Screw Lift are fully compatible with other VEX sets giving you a world of possibilities to discover! 

Bargain Deal: £14.99

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VEX - Gear Racers Stockists

Once upon a time, Science, Technology. Engineering and maths lessons were often greeted with a disappointed groan. That was mainly due to the fact that they didn't involve these super cool VEX sets which combine learning and having fun in equal measure.  The VEX Gear Racers set includes multiple gears sets, wheels, rubber bands and all the bits you will need to build yourself and a friend an awesome pull back racer. The further back you pull the Racer, the higher the Resistance Lever will go which will in turn make the rubber bands tighter and therefore produce more power! You can also adjust the gears to see what difference...

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Mini Mouse Cat Toy Stockists

Hexbug started off with insects but their range seems to be ever-growing! Not only do they make robotic bugs and fish but now they have spread their wings into the cat toy industry. The Mini Mouse Cat Toy has all the exciting technology you’d expect from a Hexbug toy but is designed for cats. Unlike most cat toys that involve a lot of interaction on your part this toy is a free roaming, freewheeling ball of furry fun. This premium pet toy works on a vibrating movement like other Hexbugs and can flip over from its back if needs be. With two different play modes your kitty will be entertained for hours on end. Paw play...

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Hexbug Battlebots Stockists

The UK did it first, then the US joined in with their version of Robot Wars – Battlebots. Don’t worry, we aren’t angry that they have done this, in fact, we’re really happy that we have twice as many robot battles happening on our TV screens. From the creators of Vex Robotics and Hexbug we have the amazing Remote Control Battlebots. The two most popular robots from Battlebots are here to bring a touch of metal crunching fun into your world. Only two bots are available so far - Witch Doctor with the battering ram and Tombstone with a spinning blade and each is picked at random so you’ll get a surprise...

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Hexbug BattleBots Push Strike Stockists

There once was a time when if you wanted to be part of the Battlebots crew you would need at least a degree in engineering, robotics or computer science. Well, not anymore! Now you can have all the fun of the Battlebots in your own home. These awesome little robots come in four different styles, and each is picked randomly so you never know who you will receive. Tombstone comes with a spinning blade and Witch Doctor has a battering ram and each of these weapons are automatically activated as the wheels turn. Then there’s Bronco with a flipper and Bite Force’s scoop and flip weapon, these two weapons are both button...

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VEX - Screw Lift Stockists

The Archimedes screw was invented thousands of years ago but is still in vast use to this day and the VEX screw lift is a great way to fully understand this ingenious idea. The 170+ piece DIY set comes with everything you need to transport items to a higher ground. This particular screw lift can move the eight balls up through the circuit at a speed of one per second which is pretty darn impressive - all you need to do is build it! You can tell your Dad to put his toolbox away too as this awesome set doesn’t need any tooling, all the pieces simply click and connect together. The illustrated instructions for this intermediate...

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VEX Robotic Arm Stockists

We’re pretty proud of the quality of toys and gadgets we have, but with the VEX Robotic Arm we think we’ve really excelled ourselves. Not only is it a super cool kit (but that goes without saying, right?) it’s also the winner of Educational Toy of the Year in the prestigious Toy of the Year Awards 2016. But never fear, its educational value definitely doesn’t come at the expense of the all-important fun factor. Based on real industrial robotic arms – the kind that build cars, aeroplanes and top secret space vehicles – this VEX kit can be built by hand without the use of any tools, with components...

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VEX - Crossbow Stockists

If you have ever wanted to command your own legion but haven’t had 3000 men to hand then don’t worry, the VEX Crossbow will make you feel like a true emperor! This DIY Crossbow set is just like what the Roman’s would have used to conquer the battlefield hundreds of years ago. 150 pieces are included in the set and each of them simply click into place so you won’t have to worry about any messy gluing and no tools are needed either. Once built, your new flashy crossbow is powered by a hand crank with a fully functioning ratcheting winch and release so you can adjust the power and angle of each shot. Pop...

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VEX Catapult Stockists

The catapult is one of the most effective weapons in military history, and catapults still have huge appeal today – and it’s easy to see why! What’s more fun than to be able to launch objects? Being able to build and create your very own catapult and then launch objects of course! This 100+ piece VEX Catapult set lets you put together the type of firing device that the ancient Greeks would be proud of! This kit is a fantastic way to teach children about construction, cause and effect, variable shot power, kinetic energy and mechanics, all while having quite a lot of fun recreating battles and destroying the...

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Hexbug Battlebots Arena Stockists

The perfect place for intense mechanical battles has to be in this incredible Battlebots Arena. Just like the arenas on the show we all know and love, this set brings the world of Battlebots straight into your home. Two Battlebots are included in the set, you just need to decide if you want to be Tombstone or the Witch Doctor and then you are ready to go. Drop the robots into the destruction zone and fight to the death, just make sure you watch out for the corners, as two of them are home to giant push activated hammers which are perfect for crushing robots! Each remote control Battlebot is super easy to control and comes...

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VEX - Catapult Stockists

Catapults have been used for 1000’s of years and we just cannot get over how a design so basic can deliver such devastating effects. In honour of this incredibly cool piece of warfare we have found the VEX Catapult – a Catapult that you can build and control in your own home without the worry of destroying any cities. This amazing construction set has all you need to build a catapult without the need of an army of engineers. This 100+ piece set is a fun and educational way to get your kids (or yourself) into the world of engineering and design. Each of the pieces easily snap into place without the need for any messy...

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