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Modern August 2009 He’ll ruin her in the boardroom – and take her in the bedroom! Arrogant Italian tycoon Salvatore Veretti is furious to hear that a young, beautiful model has inherited the company that was rightfully his. Clearly she’s after the family gold! Salvatore will heartlessly reclaim what he’s owed – and he’ll show this impudent female just how out of her depth she is. But after meeting naively determined Helena, Salvatore changes tactics… No longer satisfied with throwing her out of the business, he’ll take his vengeance between the sheets!

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The Wild Card eBook

Blaze February 2012 Former ranger Seth McCutcheon is providing security at a high-society wedding. So he’s undercover as the wedding planner’s boyfriend and, once Seth sets eyes on sexy Penelope Hart, he knows he’s a goner. If Penelope wants a fake fling, he’s her man. Especially if it comes with all the sensual benefits!

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Tall, Dark, Texas Ranger / Once Upon A Christmas Eve both

Cherish November 2011 Tall, Dark, Texas Ranger Noah Cooper is in Kerry Springs to do a job and as a Texas Ranger he can’t afford distraction. A pity, then, that at the centre of the mystery is irresistible single mum Lilly Perry… He loves her kids and can’t stop thinking about kissing her – but with all the secrets between them, can he convince her this Texas Ranger is ready for forever?Once Upon a Christmas Eve Mother-to-be Tommi Fairchild needs to take care of her baby and her bistro. So when Max Callahan offers to invest in her restaurant, it’s the answer to her Christmas prayer. Six feet of commanding masculinity...

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The Marriage War eBook

FORBIDDEN! Something worth fighting for! Sancha's first instinct was to burn the anonymous letter. Its malicious message couldn't be true: Do you know where your husband will be tonight? Do you know who he'll be with? Sancha adored Mark now as much as when they were first married, even though family life meant that they were no longer so close. She'd never dreamed that her tough, handsome husband would fall into the arms of another woman! The battle was on - though when Sancha confronted Mark, she discovered that the physical attraction between them was as strong as ever. But she wouldn't let herself be seduced by him... ....

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The Doctor Takes a Princess / Pregnant with the P... book

Cherish March 2012 The Doctor Takes a Princess When Princess Bridget Devereaux was recruiting doctors for her country, she encountered an obstacle: sexy, single dad Ryder McCall. She soon found herself falling hard for Ryder. But their lives pulled them in different directions. Could the princess and the doctor possibly find their way to happily ever after?Pregnant with the Prince’s Child Janis and Mykal had married on a wing and a prayer but as descendants of two feuding families, how could their love survive? Now, Mykal’s discovered he’s a Prince! Still…Janis yearns for him. In the real world can a girl from the...

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Her Dark and Dangerous Lord book

Historical March 2011 The mercenary’s innocent bride Lord Stefan de Montfort is a true rebel – with the scars to prove it. Deemed a mercenary and exiled from England, he now lives by his own rules. When he plucks Englishwoman Anne Melford from the sea, and takes her to his château in Normandy, the spirited beauty fires within Stefan a disturbing, forbidden desire. Such a lady could never marry a scoundrel like him – but this dark and dangerous lord is determined to break one last rule and claim her as his bride!

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Daddy in the Making both

“COME HERE, COWBOY.” Luminous grey eyes...long dark curls...come-hither smile. For months, Conn Flannigan was haunted by tantalising images of a night he couldn't remember - and a woman he couldn't forget. He'd returned to St Valentine to find her and recover his lost memories. The instant he spied Rita Niles, Conn knew he was in the right place. Could he prove he wasn't the footloose playboy he used to that he was going to be a father? NO MORE COWBOYS! That was Rita's philosophy...until the single mum met that gorgeous Texas heartbreaker. Now she was having Conn's baby and the daddy-to-be wanted her to give...

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Hired for the Boss's Bedroom ebook

Modern October 2009 Leonardo West: the most eligible single father on the glittering London social scene! But the Italian tycoon is simply not fatherhood material – sAo he hires Heather as a carer. Her dumpy curves are a mile away from those of the slim sophisticates who usually grace his bed… Heather’s heart has already been broken once, by a man whose roving eye overlooked her completely. She’s determined not to make the same mistake twice. But her inexperience proves the ultimate challenge for Leo. He’s hired Heather on a temporary contract, but now he wants her…permanently!

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A Convenient Bridegroom eBook

The wedding deal! With just two weeks until the wedding, it was too late for Aysha to back out of marrying Carlo Santangelo. Everyone expected her to be a radiant bride, blissfully entering a marriage of convenience that would unite two powerful families... . Aysha would gain wealth, status - and a fabulously good-looking husband! Only, she couldn't ignore two painful facts: one, she desperately loved Carlo; two, he clearly had no intention of giving up his glamorous mistress. Could she convince Carlo to be more than a convenient bridegroom? They're gorgeous, they're glamorous... and they're getting married!

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Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride! / Valentine Bride both

Cherish February 2011 Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride! Monte believed love had no place in his world, but Pellea’s courage drew him to her. Now he’s come home to claim his crown and fight for Pellea’s heart, especially as she’s carrying his child. Could it be that this once-merciless prince has found his true destiny – as husband and father? Valentine Bride Reserved Irina was the perfect housekeeper for playboy Caleb. Until she found out she was being sent back to her war-torn homeland. So Caleb came up with the ideal solution: marry him! Yet living as a couple has Irina falling for the bad boy for real…

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Expecting Trouble / Prince Charming for 1 Night ebook

Intrigue March 2010 Expecting Trouble Delores Fossen Struggling single mum Jenna needed special agent Cal’s help. It didn’t matter that claiming her child as his own would ruin his career. As an agent, it was his duty. As a man falling for this tiny family, he couldn’t turn away if he wanted to… Prince Charming for 1 Night Nina Bruhns Dancer Vera isn’t fooled by charming Connor’s come-ons, yet she agrees to masquerade as Cinderella to help him nab a thief. In the heat of the night their fairy-tale fantasies take over. But when the clock strikes twelve, will their forbidden lust still linger?

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