Bargain Viking Horn Glass Stockists

Bargain Viking Horn Glass Stockists

If like Thor, you can’t resist a drinking contest, this 480ml Viking Horn Glass is the perfect accessory for your Norse style drinking competition! Our only recommendation is that you don’t drink an entire ocean of beer (at least not all in one go)! This modern take on the traditional Nordic drinking horn is the perfect accessory for any history enthusiast. Complete with a stylish birch wood grog holder (as this glass isn’t the easiest to perch on a coaster), this soda-line glass is shaped just like an original Scandinavian carved horn. So whether your favourite is beer, lager, cider or a classic mead – there’s no better way to enjoy your refreshment than with this fabulous Viking Horn Glass. Please note that the glass is hand wash only.

Bargain Deal: £16.99

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Table Top Soccer Stockists

Challenge your friends to a game of football on your very own table top soccer! Pick your team of 9 players, red or yellow and battle it out to become winner! The table features easy gliding bars with rubber grips ensureing the players are easy to control. Tally up your score using the score slider at both ends. Features ball catcher to catch the ball after every goal. The table measures approximately 50 x 22 x 8 ccm, allowing you to play almost anywhere!  

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RED5 Books - Middle Class Problems Stockists

This is an urgent appeal on behalf of @ChrisMonk who is having extreme difficulties understanding the instructions on how to descale a Nespresso machine. We can only imagine the stress he is under and for a one off payment of £9.95 he can at least be happy in the knowledge that his torturous struggle has not been in vain. Including some of the most pathetic, unjustifiable cries for help, including people needing another holiday to recover from the one they just had, and others that are in ‘desperate’ need for hand cream, the Middle Class Problems book will have you laughing and face palming in equal measure....

'RED5 Books - Middle Class Problems Deal' priced at £2.97  =>  Click for Deal


Shot Tender Stockists

99 bottles of spirits on the wall might seem like a bit much but don’t let the man get you down, grab your Shot Tender and pour another round. The Shot Tender allows you to bring the bar back home, great for parties, social gatherings or living out those Ibiza night club owner fantasies (that may just be us). Easy to mount on walls and existing shelves the Shot Tender comes with its own attachment pieces and is able to hold up to 1 litre bottles so you can party on into the night! (Just try not to wake the neighbours). Each shot will dispense 1.5oz of your favourite drink into your glass in an instant, giving you...

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Tagz Battery (CR2032) Stockists

Just because it’s little doesn’t mean it won’t be powerful! The CR2032 batteries are used in many small items such as our some of our fantastic watches, and other small gadgets and gizmos. Be prepared to keep your gadgets going on as there’s nothing worse than your favourite gadget running out of power!

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Mini Quad - White Stockists

This fantastic 2.4GHz Mini Drone is the ideal quadcopter for any flyer who loves to have fun. Whether you’re a pilot pro or aviation novice, this nifty 5 channel miniature quadcopter has everything you need to keep you thoroughly entertained. The 6-axis gyro system in combination with the 3 stage sensitivity flight modes allows you to have incredible control as you fly. The effortlessly stable flight makes it easier than ever to master the basics, before trying out some gravity defying flips and spins! You can use the 2.4GHz ergonomic controller to switch your quad into tumble mode, allowing you to turn your copter...

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Amazeballs Mini Saucer Stockists

Some of the items we have on our desks lack inspiration and fun. Most of these things are essentials to our work such as pen pots, stationery and paperwork. Now we have found a rather distracting and hypnotic desk toy to give your workplace that added oomph! The Amazeballs Mini Saucer is a DIY mechanical marble run. The set comes partly unassembled so you will have to follow a few easy step by step instructions to create your tower of fun. Once completed you can show off your building skills to passers-by as they watch the seamless flow of balls moving up the corkscrew and spinning around the saucer like a pea descending down...

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Mini Quad - Black Stockists

The fantastic 2.4GHz Mini Quad is a perfect quadcopter any pilot who loves to have fun. Whether you’re a professional pilot or a complete novice, this nifty 5 channel miniature marvel has all that you need to keep your utterly entertained. The 6 axis gyroscope and 3 stage sensitivity allow you to have incredible stability as you fly. With an effortlessly smooth flight on offer, it makes it so much easier to master the basics, meaning you can quickly progress onto awesome tricks and stunts. Use the remote control to switch the Mini Quad into tumble mode so you can turn your quad in every direction and perform awesome...

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Luminara Flicker Candles 5 Inch Stockists

Nothing sets the mood quite like candles, the flickering flames, the smell and the warmth create a picture perfect scene in any situation. Unfortunately, candles are also known for their danger - just take a look at the great fire of London. This 5 inch candle however, is perfect for creating a romantic and soothing atmosphere in your home without any risk. The genuine movement of the candle will fool all your friends and family and the real wax feel just adds to the realism. Plus, you don’t have to worry about dribbling wax and with just two AA batteries, you get an impressive 100 hours of flame free, ultra-safe candle...

'Luminara Flicker Candles 5 Inch Deal' priced at £29.99  =>  Click for Deal


Marvel Spiderman 8GB Flash Stockists

Tired of your usual memory stick? Bland design, nothing to shout about and often getting lost? Ditch your old stick and pick up one of these heroes! With all their experience of saving the day, this guy is now taking things down a notch and saving your data instead. The Tribe Marvel USB sticks are all you need to carry your music, important files, videos and favourite pictures around. The officially licensed heroes are made from soft rubber with incredible detailing. Each little guy can hold up to 8GB of data and are so easy to use, even the Hulk could manage it.

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Light Stax Sets Stockists

Winner of the 2015 Tillywig Best Creative Fun Award No matter where you are, how old you are or what you do, we believe that no one can resist playing with building blocks if left alone in a room with them. And who can blame you! Now we have building blocks with a difference. The Light Stax Classic and Mega Packs are just what you need to build an even bigger glowing creation! A whole truck load of extraordinary blocks are included in each expansion pack. These are much better than standard building blocks as these ones light up in vibrant colours! Whenever a block is touching the black base (aka the power unit)...

'Light Stax Sets Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal

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