Best Vows & a Vengeful Groom/Pride & a Pregnancy Secret ebook Stockists

Best Vows & a Vengeful Groom/Pride & a Pregnancy Secret ebook Stockists

Desire January 2009 Vows & a Vengeful Groom Bronwyn Jameson Ric Perrini, chairman of Blackstone Diamonds and Sydney’s sexiest bachelor, still had one elusive prize… Kimberley Blackstone. Luring her back to her birthright would be Ric’s toughest job ever. Luring her back into his arms, his most pleasurable, and he’d accept nothing but her total surrender… Pride & a Pregnancy Secret Tessa Radley Jessica Cotter was the secret mistress of Australia’s richest gem dealer, Ryan Blackstone, with him only for torrid sessions in his bachelor bedroom. Though she knew the rules, Jess had broken them. She couldn’t tell him she was pregnant. So she had no choice but to walk away from Ryan… DIAMONDS DOWN UNDER – a family affair!

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Legal Attraction eBook

Law Number 3: There are no secrets when it comes to love… The youngest of five siblings, Marissa Hamilton is determined to prove herself in her family’s powerhouse Philadelphia law firm. She has a close confidant in handsome and ambitious fellow attorney Griffin Jackson. But ever since the night they gave in to the passion smoldering between them, Marissa’s world is filled with lies, including one that could turn her whole life upside down. Griff has secretly desired Marissa for years before they went from colleagues to lovers. And now she’s keeping a secret from him. Will Griff be able to save Marissa before an explosive...

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Will He Ask Her to be His Bride? book

By Request August 2012 "The Millionaire’s Convenient Bride Connah needs a nanny for his young daughter. Hester is practical, professional and very pretty – perfect for the job. But when the gorgeous millionaire proposes expanding their business arrangement to include marriage, Hester must either leave the man she loves or resign herself to being merely a convenient wife… Also includes The Millionaire’s Proposal & Texas Ranger Takes a Bride.

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The Desert Lord's Love-Child both

Special Releases February 2012 by Olivia Gates, Kate Hewitt, Meredith Webber The Desert Lord's Baby She’d conceived his child and run. But there was nowhere Carmen could hide from this prince of Judar. Nothing would stop ruthless Farooq Aal Masood from claiming his child. Will he make Carmen his wife? Also includes: The Sheikh's Love-Child, The Sheikh Surgeon's Baby

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In Bed with the Devil / High-Society Mistress ebook

Desire August 2008 In Bed with the Devil by Susan Mallery When he arrived at Hunter’s Landing, Jack found his best friend’s shy little sister had become a breathtaking woman – with an axe to grind. Still smarting over Jack’s long ago rejection, Meredith was intent on luring the millionaire mogul into her bed…and her bed was right across the hall. Could Jack keep a decade-old promise? High-Society Mistress by Katherine Garbera Refused a promotion by her tycoon father, heiress Tempest Lambert offered her services to his worst enemy, devastatingly handsome Gavin Renard, who had made millions as a corporate raider....

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One Cowboy, One Christmas ebook

Cherish December 2010 His very own Christmas Angel… Stranded in a snowstorm, Zach reached out for help at the nearest house he could find. And the girl who answered the door was a vision. Zach thanked his lucky stars for the kindness of strangers. But to Ann, this man was no stranger. Zach didn’t seem to remember their shared night of passion all those years ago – but how could Ann forget? Seeing Zach on her doorstep was as shocking as seeing the ghost of Christmas past. And, though she tried to keep her distance, she had to wonder – was a second chance with this cowboy in her Christmas future?

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Night of the Wolves both

A victory for evil? Guided by visions as she hunts for her father’s murderer, Alexandra Gordon returns to Victory, Texas – and lands straight in the arms of fearsome lawman Cody Fox. A dedicated soldier in the war against evil, Cody wears his battle scars with honour, all the while hiding a shameful secret from perceptive Alexandra. Their attraction is instant and unstoppable, but soon it may cost Alex her life. For an ancient evil has been awakened and is stalking the townsfolk after dark… To protect Alex, Cody must choose between a showdown with the devil – and the fiery beauty whose kisses soothe his tormented soul.

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The Last Warrior ebook

Intrigue September 2008 Dangerous times Photojournalist Delaney Carson had endured the nightmares of Middle Eastern gunfire that had ruled her life for the past two years. Now an unknown assailant was determined to silence her. Dangerous man Investigator Joe Youngblood was tougher than his warrior ancestors and more rugged than the desert he called home. In shielding Delaney from her attacker, he had become the biggest threat she had to face – because his fierce passion forced her to believe in forever!

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Proof by Seduction ebook

Special Releases April 2011 She was his last chance �for a future of happiness A gifted fortune-teller from a humble background, Jenny can make even the most sophisticated sceptic believe her predictions by batting her smoky eyelashes – until she meets Gareth Carhart, the Marquess of Blakely, scientist and a sworn bachelor. Broodingly handsome Gareth is scandalised to discover his cousin has fallen under the spell of ‘Madame Esmerelda’ and vows to prove Jenny a fraud. Gareth’s unexpected attraction to the fiery enchantress disrupts his calculated plan, until he can’t decide whether to seduce her or ruin...

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Playboys ebook

Special Releases February 2012 1st story: It amazed Ophelia that notorious Greek billionaire Lysander Metaxis wanted to marry her, with her crumbling manor house and huge debts! When she realised he merely wanted her property and her body, she decided she wouldn’t be a meek, obedient wife! Includes: The Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride; The Ruthless Magnate's Virgin Mistress; The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife

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Desert Nights ebook

Special Releases August 2012 - INCLUDES PENNY’S FIRST EVER MILLS & BOON - Falcon’s Prey When ordinary English girl Felicia agreed to accompany her fiancé, Faisal, to his homeland, there was just one problem – Faisal’s uncle, Sheikh Raschid. Now Felicia’s realising that she might be engaged to the wrong man… Also includes: The Sheikh's Virgin Bride & One Night With the Sheikh

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