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Walkers Mint Chocolate Eclairs - we know a bloke called Dave - he`s a complete sweets guru having been in the industry for loads of years. He knows about pretty well every sweet you can think of... or that you can remember. And he knows how to make the majority of them too. And he swears by Walkers toffee (which makes quite a change because he swears ABOUT pretty well everything else!). So we thought we should stock lots of Walkers toffee... because Dave said so! Walkers Mint Chocolate Eclairs are a fabulous combination of toffee, chocolate and mint - think normal Chocolate Toffee Eclairs with an extra minty dimension! Serving suggestion (I always wanted to say that!): leave it in a warm place for a really chewy treat... or stick it in the fridge if you like your toffee cold, hard and suckable (and if you want it to last longer in your mouth!) - Qty In Order: 250g (8.8oz)

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