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Best Where the Rock Splits the Sky Stockists

What a title. What a concept. What a cover picture. An alien invasion; a paralysed planet condemned to a forever dusk. This is a book that stands out.

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Once Upon a Matchmaker eBook

Cherish August 2012 Micah doesn’t have time for romance. The busy widower’s high-profile job demands focus and the rest of his time is devoted to caring for his two little boys. Until feisty no-nonsense lawyer Tracey walks into his life…and maybe his heart too.

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Plain Secrets eBook

RETURN OF THE PRODIGAL “ENGLISHER” After years on the Philadelphia Police Force, Elijah Miller thought he’d left his Amish past behind. But when the murder of a young Amish girl starts to raise suspicions, Eli has no choice but to investigate. He’ll do his duty, even if it means facing the father who won’t speak to him—and the woman who rejected him. Hannah Nolt is just as beautiful as Eli remembers, and this time, running away from his feelings for her is no longer an option. Because Hannah’s in danger, and needs protection only Eli can provide.

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Unfinished Business with the Duke ebook

Modern June 2010 The one who got away… Long ago, Issy Helligan lost her virginity to gorgeous aristocrat and rebel Giovanni Hamilton. Then he left without a backward glance and Issy was heartbroken… Now, years later, she’s doing just fine. Well, perhaps performing singagrams is not her first-choice career, but needs must. And who should be there to bear witness to her humiliation? Gio Hamilton. Looking more gorgeous than ever. And now he steps into the fray, rescues her, ravishes her senseless, and offers to solve all her money worries. There’ll be no ‘for ever’ with this guy, so is he too good to be true…or...

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More Than He Expected eBook

Playboy Alex likes his relationships short and without strings. But his fiery fling with Gwen left him craving more. So when a holiday weekend getaway provides an opportunity for another taste of the tantalising woman, he grabs it. Only things have changed since their last encounter…now Gwen is pregnant!

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PM Gold: Bats (PM Non-fiction) Levels 21, 22 x 6

‘Bats’ is a factual text about Bats. The text describes the lifestyle of these flying mammals in the areas of feeding, breeding and flying. It also describes the special way that bats hunt and fly using sound. Gold level titles introduce children to more complex sentences with an average length of 10 words and help to develop reading strategies such as breaking long words down into syllables. PM Non-fiction books are carefully researched, presenting factual information accompanied by superb photography and realistic illustrations to engage young readers.

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The Empath both

Paranormal January 2012 Every werewolf needs a mate…Nicolas was the strongest and fiercest of the Draicon, until he was banished. Now the werewolf has only one path to redemption: find the Draicon’s long-lost empath, the woman who will save the pack – and Nicolas himself – from terrible danger.Maggie is a vet, dedicated to healing. She has no idea of her true nature, the magic waiting in her soul – or the man coming to claim her. The survival of their pack depends on them finding each other, on their ability to become one. But their enemies have also found Maggie and will kill to stop her surrendering to an all-consuming...

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Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques

This comprehensive and ambitious workshop reference book for jewelers brings together a vast range of skills techniques and technical data in one volume providing an essential one-stop look-it-up resource for both students and professionals. The focus is on detailed explanation with clear step-by-step photography used extensively which means that while this book contains the expert techniques aimed squarely at professional jewelers it is also accessible to students of any level seeking an authoritative and comprehensive bible of their craft.

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English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate CD-ROM (single User)

The best-selling English Pronunciation in Use is a comprehensive reference and practice title suitable for self-study or classroom work. This CD-ROM supports the best-selling English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate with extra practice exercises games and tests for self-study learners wanting to impove their pronunciation. The Network version is available for up to 30 users.

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Rommel's Desert Warriors 1941-42

Rommel's Desert Warriors provides a complete visual history of Rommel and his Afrika Korps during the Second World War.Erwin Rommel was appointed commander of the Afrika Korps in the February of 1941. The intention was to create a unit that could act as a blocking force to support the Italian army struggling against British forces in Libya. It was during this time in North Africa that Rommel earned the title The Desert Fox. The North African Campaign became a desperate game of hide and seek as the British and Germans rallied against each other with varying degrees of success in the harsh wasteland.This book is a fantastic visual...

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