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The infamous warrior, smuggler and co-pilot to Han Solo, Chewbacca (or Chewie to his friends) is a notorious rebel ally, not to mention one of the coolest characters in the galaxy.  Grab your satchel and your bowcaster and come with us on an intergalactic adventure. Our favourite Wookiee is on the run and your mission (if you chose to accept it) is to find Chewbacca before the bounty hunters! So far Chewie has evaded capture and now has a sizeable bounty on his head. You may think that finding an 8 foot warrior shouldn't be too tricky, but this native of Kashyyyk is more stealthy than you may think. To complete your mission you not only have to find our favourite Wookiee, but ten other characters on every page. Visiting some of the most famous locations in the galaxy but with the help of the speediest freighter in the universe, the Millennium Falcon, the awesome Wookiee and his counterparts are going to be hard to find - but with your help we might just seek them out just in time! With stunning illustrations and the greatest challenge in the galaxy at stake, who could resist this out of this world expedition?

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52 Things To Do While You Poo Stockists

Sitting on the loo can be quite dull, especially if you're there for a number two... but fear no more! This handy book is your new best friend when on the throne, and every bathroom should have one to keep you entertained. Excretion expert Hugh Jassburn gives you 52 fantastic distractions, from poo puzzles to poo facts. Pooing has never been so much fun! This great little book is perfect for anyone with a sense of humour. Makes an ideal gift for that family member who spends ages in the loo, often leaving and advising "to leave it for a few minutes". 

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Where’s the Wookiee? Stockists

If you love Star Wars you will adore this fantastic Where’s the Wookiee search and find activity book. Everyone’s favourite Wookiee warrior Chewbacca has gone on the run and it’s our mission to find him. With other bounty hunters on the case you’re going to have to use all your wits to find him first. With familiar scenes from the epic Star Wars franchise, it’s your job to seek out this wonderful Wookiee in the nick of time, but despite his height and size, you may find this mission quite tricky! Good luck! And may the force be with you!

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The Grumpy Old Git's Guide to Life Stockists

We all know a grumpy git and most of us live with one too in varying degrees - whether it's a husband, father, brother, grandfather or even son! The Grumpy Old Git's Guide is ideal for even the grumpiest of grouches who think they've the right to grizzle about everyone and everything! Surely life in the 21st century isn't that bad. Of course, some old blokes don't admit they're wrong or even bad tempered - it's just everybody else that is! From Bob Geldof to Winston Churchill, Jeremy Clarkson to Victor Meldrew, the world has always produced its share of grumpy, moody, pessimistic and world-weary types. We all know one! They...

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7 Minutes to Fit Stockists

Most of us think that a good workout will require a trip to the gym, with all their fancy, expensive equipment and the use of their highly trained staff but that is a common misconception - your body is the best tool for you to exercise with. The 7 Minutes to Fit guide will show you how to do High Intensity Interval Training in your own home with no equipment other than a chair, a timer and your body. Written by an award winning Personal Trainer who has spent his time training Olympians, this book is perfect for those of us who just cannot find the time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Set out in a simple format, the guide...

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Fidget Spinner Tricks Book Stockists

The Fidget Spinner – once only used as a concentration aid, now a craze that has swept across the world, found in backpacks, pockets and a variety of other places and never far from the hand of someone eager to show off their spinning skills. If you want to improve those skills, however, this book of Fidget Spinner tricks may be just the thing you’re after. With almost a hundred pages of material from basic to expert tricks, as well as a guide to different spinners and info about DIY-ing your own – that explain everything with simple instructions and helpful images, this book is an invaluable resource for...

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The Official Pokemon Book of Joy Stockists

When life isn’t all about sunshine and Jigglypuffs, the world of Pokémon can help you overcome any of life’s challenges! The Official Pokémon Book of Joy helps any Pokémon lover on the road to happiness, packed full of joyful philosophies from the mouths of the most famous characters and trainers in Pokémon history! Leaving you inspired, dedicated and ready to overcome any difficulty, this book is a collection of wisdom which has been amassed over the course of many adventures across the Pokémon world. With chapters including belief and courage, battles, work, love, friendship...

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Mammoth Book of More X-Rated Jokes Stockists

If you know someone who is bit of a joker and loves telling offensive gags, then get your own back with this Mammoth joke book. Funny, fearless and absolutely filthy-nearly 3,000 more uncensored, dirty, sick, and deeply politically incorrect jokes, covering just about every topic imaginable, from adultery to (sex in) Zoos, including an assortment of bad taste lists. Not recommended for those with a nervous disposition or maiden aunts of the world. Perhaps the best place to keep this tome would be in the loo - after all it's full of plenty of potty humour.  Here are some cringe-worthy examples  Did you hear about...

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Should I Buy This Book? Stockists

Do you like novelty books? If so, this is probably something you’ll get a kick out of. This is a book of flowcharts that will give you handy advice for almost any situation, from work to home to relationships, from whether you should confess your love to whether you should quit your job. Of course, this advice is all tongue in cheek to a degree (“Are you a sociopath?”) but it still makes for a fun laugh. Should you buy this book? If you fancy a chortle, the answer is yes. 

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Drinking Games Stockists

Invite your friends, gather  your college chums and get stuck into some serious partying with this Book of 100 Drinking Games designed to inspire and instruct on the best way of getting the evening going! The Drinking Games Bible has been specially put together to make your nights on the tiles - or the sofa - more exciting. It is packed with riotously fun activities to liven up any evening! More than 100 games are included, in great fun categories and many are illustrated with specially-commissioned artworks. This is the ultimate guide to all sorts of drinking games. Once you've had a taste you'll never be satisfied with...

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5000 Great One Liners Stockists

If Tim Vine, Ken Dodd and Milton Jones are your comedy idols, then we have just the thing to help you emulate the funniest folk on earth! And let’s face it, us Brits love a bit of comedy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s stand-up, slapstick or sitcom, we can’t resist anything that can garner a laugh. And arguably the cleverest form of comedy comes in the form of the sharp and sweet one liner. This staple of comedy gold has raised a smile amongst young and old from generation to generation, and now the best 5000 jokes have been compiled in one awesome collection! This laugh out loud compilation is bursting...

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