Best Whiteboard 600*400 Stockists

Best Whiteboard 600*400 Stockists

<p> Useful for home and work, this magnetic drawing white board can be used for a your family shopping lists, reminders or team mind maps.</p> <p> Specification: <ul class="bulletList"> <li>Total Size: 500 x 350 x 20mm 600 x 400 x 20mm 700 x 500 x 20mm 900 x 600 x 20mm 1200 x 900 x 20mm </li> <li>Net Weight: 720g 1000g 1130g 1410g 2789g </li> <li>Package Size: 550 x 400 x 20mm 660 x 420 x 3mm 770 x 520 x 30mm 970 x 620 x 30mm 1270 x 920 x 30mm </li> <li>Package Weight: 1050g 1550g 1456g 2158g 4175g </li> <li>Material: Galvanized sheet + Aluminium + Corrugated Paper Colors White </li> </ul></p>

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Waterproof Portable Telescope

<p> Whether you enjoy bird watching, or want to explore more of the outdoors, a pair of waterproof binoculars are an essential. An amazing piece of machinery, and for just £29.99 get yours now! </p>

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Waterproof Windproof Camping Tent

<p>For the camper who likes to set up fast and explore their surroundings - the pop-up camping tent. Only £20.99! </p>

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Tall Chrome Faucet

<p> If you've been searching for the right faucet to go in your bathroom, look no further. This is a bathroom essential, and a stylish one at that. Usually sold for £199.99, you can get yours for just £44.99. You could even keep a spare in your cupboard! </p>

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Winter, Twin, Door Draft Dodger Guard

<p>This door guard is perfect for household use as it reduces heating and cooling costs, has a removable and washable cove and can be used on interior and exterior doors. Buy yours now for £7.99 down from its original price of £25.99.</p> <p>Just click 'Buy Now' for your ordering instructions and voucher code.</p>

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Solar Charging Motion Sensor Light

<p>Whether it's a spotlight you're after, or a simple light for decoration, this motion sensor light is what you need. Illuminate neglected areas outside your home, and save money on electricity, as the only power this needs, is solar power!</p>

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