Bargain Wipe Clean: First Sums Stockists

Bargain Wipe-Clean: First Sums Stockists

Addictive wipe-cleans. Once you start, you can’t stop. You’ll be having the time of your life. Usborne’s wipe-clean learning books are really fun to use, and they’ve got all the key skills covered too. Now you can try out first maths sums on fun fill-in pages, and never worry about making a mistake. Stress-free learning that you can repeat again and again: what’s not to like? The cheeky colour pictures of aliens and dragons are almost as much fun as wiping clean!

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The Ranger / Hot-Blooded book

Blaze June 2011 The Ranger Will Forrester – former Army Ranger – has his work cut out for him when he meets Rhiannon Palmer, the most stubborn, flat-out sexy woman he’s ever encountered. Rhiannon’s on a desperate search§ and Will is the key. Despite the incredible chemistry between them, he’s only the means to an end. Still, Will’s ex-army strategy is to get her right where he wants her. In his bed...for good! Hot-Blooded First Sergeant Chase McCormick isn’t a chauvinist. But he does believe that women have no place in combat zones. Why? Because men forget their training! Too bad gorgeous Elena de la Vega’s...

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Runaway Miss ebook

Just who is Miss Fanny Draper? Alexander, Viscount Malvers, is sure the beautiful girl on the public coach is not who she says she is. Her shabby clothing and claim of being a companion cannot hide the fact that she is Quality. He's intrigued. This captivating miss is definitely running away, but from what-or whom? Alex is adept at getting under her guard, but Lady Emma Lindsay must keep up the pretence. As her feelings grow, so does her dilemma. Maybe a lady can follow her heart, but a poor companion certainly can't-and Miss Fanny Draper she must remain!

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LEGO Star Wars Villains Ultimate Sticker Book

Meet the deadliest villains in the LEGO Star Wars Galaxy and explore their evil schemes and plots. Based on the LEGO Villains this super-sized sticker book is packed with colourful images and easy-peel stickers. This giant collection features more than 250 stickers from the LEGO Star Wars line of toys. Join Darth Vader Jabba the Hutt General Grievous and a whole collection of fearsome droids starships and weapons - you'll find them all in here.

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Insight Compact Guide: St Lucia

Compact Guide St Lucia reveals this exciting island through a selection of six tours complemented by full-color pictures an authoritative narrative voice and a wealth of practical information all in a compact package. The guide starts with an Introduction highlighting the top ten sights before covering essential background information on the island's geography climate population language and culture religion government agriculture tourism fishing and wildlife. This provides all the detail needed to set the tours in context. The Places section reveals six self-guided tours which between them cover the majority...

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Spoonful of Sugar

'They say you can never truly love a child that is not your own but that goes against every instinct that runs through me. For I have loved children born to other women all my life and every child that I have ever cared for I've adored with all my heart. Many I would have laid down my life for in fact on some memorable occasions when I fled to air raid shelters clutching my charges to my chest I very nearly did. In 62 years of being a nanny I have lost count of the number of children I've cared for but it must be approaching 100. Which means I am inordinately proud to say that despite never having actually given birth...

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Flight By Elephant

The incredible story of Gyles Mackrell and his Burmese elephant-assisted wartime rescue mission. In the summer of 1942 Gyles Mackrell - a decorated First World War pilot and tea plantation overseer performed a series of heroic rescues in the hellish jungles of Japanese-occupied Burma - with the aid of twenty elephants. At the age of 53 Mackrell went into the 'green hell' of the Chaukan Pass on the border of North Burma and Assam. Here Mackrell and a team of elephant riders rescued Indian army soldiers British civilians and their Indian servants from the pursuing Japanese directing the elephants through jungle passes...

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100 Artists' Manifestos

In this one-of-a-kind volume indispensable for students of art architecture and film Alex Danchev presents 100 Artists' Manifestos" each reproduced with an introduction on the author and the associated movement in "Penguin Modern Classics". This remarkable collection of 100 manifestos from the last 100 years is cacophony of voices from such diverse movements as Futurism Dadaism Surrealism Feminism Communism Destructivism Vorticism Stridentism Cannibalism and Stuckism taking in along the way film architecture fashion and cookery. Artists' manifestos are nothing if not revolutionary. They are outlandish outrageous...

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The Jolley-Rogers Pack x 4

Something is up in Dull-on-Sea! Whisper it – pirates have moved in next door! The Jolley-Rogers aren’t your normal neighbours. They wear eye patches, bury treasure in gardens, and sneak off to sea all the time. Jealous? Well – don’t just sit there sulking. Stow away aboard! (There’s space for you in the crow’s nest.) There will be buried treasure, wicked witches, ghostly ships and hungry monsters – CRUNCH! Big giggles. Big DANGER. Hmmm: maybe you’d rather stay home after all? Thrilling fun with Jonny Duddle’s cheeky pirate family Includes one picture book and three short novels The Pirates...

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Nice & Naughty eBook

Blaze February 2013 It’s the season to be tempted… It’s almost Christmas, and librarian (and fashion obsessive) Jade Carson is stuck. Stuck with her family, stuck in the town of Diablo Glen, and stuck in her lousy life. Then super-hot bad-boy detective Diego Salvador roars into town, looking for a criminal known as “the panty thief”. And Jade decides –- right then and there –- that the only panties he’ll be touching are hers…

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Keira is thrilled when two high bred ponies - Vegas and Snickers - arrive at the ranch but she soon falls out with the owner's spoiled son Rex. It's bad enough that Rex breaks her dad's rules but when he mistreats poor Snickers Keira faces a tough choice: confront Rex and lose valuable business or keep quiet and risk Snickers coming to serious harm?

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