Best Wipe Clean: First Words Stockists

Best Wipe-Clean: First Words Stockists

Addictive wipe-cleans. Once you start, you can’t stop. You’ll be having the time of your life. Usborne’s wipe-clean learning books are really fun to use, and they’ve got all the key skills covered too. Now you can try out first reading and writing on fun fill-in pages, and never worry about making a mistake. Stress-free learning that you can repeat again and again: what’s not to like? The cheeky colour pictures of aliens and dragons are almost as much fun as wiping clean!

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Atticus Claw Settles a Score

Atticus Grammatticus Cattypus Claw the world's greatest REFORMED cat burglar is back. This time the tabby with talent is on the right side of the law. And when Jimmy Magpie and his gang are busted out of jail by a mysterious villain and an evil cat called Ginger Biscuit Atticus knows from bitter experience he's going to need all his skill and courage to catch them. Can Atticus overcome his murky past with the help of the Cheddar family in order to prevent the biggest crime in history AND settle a score of his own? This is the hilarious and eagerly-awaited sequel to Atticus Claw Breaks the Law". Perfect for readers age 7+...

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Roald Dahl's Marvellous Joke Book

Roald Dahl was always full of fun and mischief and loved all kinds of jokes - the sillier the better! Here is a marvellous collection of Roald Dahl's favourites based on his much-loved children's novels.

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Power of Peace in You

In this important and inspiring book US-based educator coach and workshop leader Marlise Karlin explains how we can all access profound levels of inner peace and personal transformation through the practice of her revolutionary method: The Simplicity of Stillness. This method combines the power of prayer together with the principles of meditation to provide a very powerful tool. You will learn how to achieve clarity equanimity wisdom and peace even in the midst of daily stresses and anxieties by connecting with the universal energy that surrounds us. By tuning into this force you will be able to live your life with courage...

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Look Back in Hunger

Jo Brand is one of Britain's funniest and best-loved comedians. With a sharp eye for the absurd and in her own unique voice she tells her story for the first time. What possessed her to become a professional comedian in the cut-throat world of stand-up comedy after ten years as a psychiatric nurse? How did she deal with late night drunken audiences? From her early years growing up in a small south coast town with two brothers who toughened her up to emerging on stage as 'The Sea Monster' Jo Brand tells it like it is with wit and candour.

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After Hours: Bridegroom Bosses book

SPECIAL RELEASES May 2010 Ruthless bosses by day…ready for marriage after hours! Tempted: his innocent secretary To Victor, efficient little Alice, quiet and unsexy, was the perfect secretary. Then he saw behind her neat professional disguise to the real, passionate Alice. Suddenly their relationship was becoming deliciously dangerous… Wedded: his convenient wife Tyler Watts needs help! So the rich, gorgeous tycoon hires single mum Mary for relationship advice. Mary is out of her depth with Tyler. Especially when she’s wishing she could move from employee to wife… Bedded: the tycoon’s virgin When city girl...

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A World She Doesn't Belong To book

A sinful charade… Laura Talbot can’t believe she’s even considering Kyros Spyridis’s outrageous proposal – although he is her late twin sister’s husband. Yet for reasons she daren’t admit the shy, innocent Laura is tempted by Kyros’s dangerous proposition… Kyros needs Laura to act as his wife and keep the lies about his disastrous marriage going – just for one more week. Having lived all her life in her sister’s shadow, will the ‘good’ twin finally be able to step into her own light – even if it leads straight to Kyros’s bed?

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Life After Life

Norman Parker has spent over half his life in prison. A double murderer he mixed at close quarters with some of Britain's most hardened criminals: the Krays the Richardsons and the Great Train Robbers. After 24 continuous years in prison he was finally released into a world that had changed more than he could have imagined. But life on the outside was tough as Norman re-established himself not only as a bestselling author but also as a face on the underworld crime scene. Then the one thing happened that he had been waiting for in all the years he had been inside - he fell hopelessly desperately in love. The relationship...

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GCSE Grades 9-1: Foundation Maths AQA Exam Practice Book

GCSEs are getting tougher. Are you ready for the all-new exams? Where can you get speedy, targeted subject practice to help you pass with flying colours? Don’t panic: the answer is right here in our new GCSE practice guide. Written by experts and exactly tailored to the latest exam board specifications. This book is stuffed with practice questions on all the must-know topics, styled to match the real exam format. Plus smart tips and tricks to help you improve your exam skills. Do it! Active practice to help you retain key facts. Nail it! Examiner tips to help you get better grades. Work it! Exam questions broken down into...

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Love Verb

Number one best-seller Jane Green - author of The Beach House" and "Spellbound" - explores changes in relationships when a family member is struck with illness in her heartbreaking novel "The Love Verb". Love means being there - through everything. Everyone in Callie's family is busy; her sister is a free-spirited Manhattan chef her best friend Lila is coping with the vitriol of her new man's ex-wife and her parents Walter and Honor have rich though separate lives. But when Callie discovers the breast cancer she thought she'd beaten has returned they all find that their lives shift to focus on caring for Callie. "A beautifully...

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Flag of Freedom

1797: Britain stands alone against the forces of Revolutionary France. A victorious French Army led by the youthful Napoleon Bonaparte is poised to invade Britain. And in his country's darkest hour Captain Nathan Peake finds himself imprisoned by his own side on the Rock of Gibraltar - charged with treason. To prove his innocence Nathan must uncover the great deception that masks the French war aims. Is the great armada being assembled in Toulon bound for the shores of Great Britain - or Egypt? His secret mission to discover the truth about Napoleon's invasion plans will hurl him into two of the greatest battles of the...

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