Bargain Wish List Stockists

Bargain Wish List Stockists

There are six months left of Emma Reiss's twenties...and she has some unfinished business. Emma and her friends are about to turn thirty and for Emma it's a defining moment. Defined that is by her having achieved none of the things she'd imagined she would. Her career is all wrong her love life is a desert and that penthouse apartment she pictured herself in simply never materialised. Moreover she's never jumped out of a plane hasn't met the man she's going to marry has never slept under the stars or snogged anyone famous - just some of the aspirations on a list she and her friends compiled fifteen years ago. As an endless round of birthday parties sees Emma hurtle towards her own thirtieth she sets about addressing these issues. But as she discovers with hilarious consequences some of them are trickier to tick off than she'd thought…

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Boulle's Jewels Stockists

'Business is a jungle. But I love animals.' Francis Boulle. Venture Capitalist and CEO Francis Boulle has set out to conquer the world. Armed with strategies not seen since Sun Tzu philosophies to rival Aristotle a business head that makes Alan Sugar look like an amateur and thoughts about life that even Confucius would have found enlightening Francis is king of the new life-gurus. In this must-have little book of Boulleisms Francis shares his wry observations and indomitable views on business love sport art family politics and even pets. He offers expert guidance to help you live your life the Boulle way even if...

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Reunited with Child / One Month with the Magnate both Stockists

Desire February 2012 Reunited…with ChildIt is two years since club owner Cam Stern’s memorable affair with Becca Tuntenstall and he realises he has to pursue her, perhaps take things beyond the bedroom. But Becca has a secret – they have a son. Cam wants to be part of his child’s life. But is he prepared to forge a relationship with a woman who has deceived him?One Month with the MagnateIt’s time for self-made CFO Emilio Suarez to reap his reward when Izzie Winthrop – the woman who dumped him – shows up on his doorstep. Now his beautiful ex is broke, desperate enough to become his maid for a month. Time enough...

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Death of a Salesman Stockists

In the spring of 1948 Arthur Miller retreated to a log cabin in Connecticut with the first two lines of a new play already fixed in his mind. He emerged six weeks later with the final script of Death of a Salesman" - a painful examination of American life and consumerism. Opening on Broadway the following year Miller's extraordinary masterpiece changed the course of modern theatre. In creating Willy Loman his destructively insecure anti-hero Miller himself defined his aim as being 'to set forth what happens when a man does not have a grip on the forces of life.'"

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My Brother's Hot Cross Bottom Stockists

Nicholas and his family are hatching eggs for his school's Easter Fair. But the eggs keep going missing and their new rabbits Saucepan and Nibblewibble are causing havoc in the garden. Perhaps Cilla their nosy new neighbor is even more trouble than she seems.

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Digging for Dinosaurs Stockists

Do you know your dinosaurs? Dan does. He and his dog Bouncer are digging down to see if they can find the Tyrannosaurus Rex that could swallow a boy in just two bites the gigantic Brachiosaurus that was taller than the tallest trees and the Coelophysis that had knife sharp teeth and sometimes ate its own young. Dan finds a pin and a scrunched up tin and an old plate and a key to a gate and a stone that looks like an odd sort of bone. He doesn't think anything of the odd shaped stone until his mum drags him to the museum (which he's sure is going to be boring and musty) where he spies that the awesome Ty Rex skeleton has...

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Wolf Trap ebook Stockists

Nocturne November 2010 A hunt for a rogue werewolf stirs passion in the hearts of two rebels… When a full moon awakens the beast within Parker, he is hell-bent on finding explanations for his new Otherworld form and his insatiable lust. On the prowl, he discovers a woman in trouble – one who stirs his darker desires. After a sexy stranger rescues her from a brutal attack, Chloe can’t stop dreaming about him. Especially when his touch fills her with the most intense desire she’s ever known. But her nightmares are all too real. A rogue werewolf’s bite has changed her life forever and the one who turned her hunts...

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Introduction to Counselling Stockists

This bestseller provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of counselling and therapy. The book has been thoroughly updated with new references and examples and now has information on topics such as: Transactional analysis; The use of natural environment in counselling; The contribution of arts-based approaches; and Integrating theory into practice. To help readers the author has extended the introduction to the book in order to outline the aims of the book and explain its structure so that this is clear to the reader from the outset. The pedagogy of this edition has also been improved in order to enhance...

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Other Side of the Dale Stockists

Gervase Phinn reveals his early experiences as a school inspector in The Other Side of the Dale". As the newly appointed County Inspector of Schools in North Yorkshire Gervase Phinn reveals in this warm and wonderfully humorous account the experiences of his first year in the job - and what an education it was! He quickly learns that he must slow his pace and appreciate the beautiful countryside - 'Are tha'comin' in then mester or are tha' stoppin' out theer all day admirin' t'view?' He encounters some larger-than-life characters from farmers and lords of the manor to teaching nuns and eccentric caretakers. And best...

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Hands of an Angel Stockists

Helen Parry Jones has been a professional spiritual healer and empathic medium for thirty years. She has filled theatres and auditoriums and appeared on radio and TV. But this is the first time she has told her incredible story. 'Helen Parry Jones' turbulent journey to embracing her gift is sincere and elevating". ("Daily Express"). "...the reaction to her was phenomenal I do mean phenomenal. We have been at this a very long time now and we know the difference between phenomenal and phenomenal!!" (Gay Byrne "The Late Late Show")."

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