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Xeno' is your high-tech interactive friend who looks like nothing you've ever seen before!He has expressive LCD eyes that let you know how he's feeling! He's made from innovative non-toxic elastic material: touch him and feel how soft he is! He can move his body in many different ways: he can lift his ears, move his paws wiggle, open and close his mouth, shake his head and do lots of other things too! Xeno' has 8 different sensors that you can use to interact with him: head, mouth, tummy, right hand, left hand, left pawfoot, tail and snot! As well as looking after him, you can also play 5 mini-games with Xeno', which he'll start himself by asking "Wanna Play?" But that's not all! If you put two Xenos close together, they'll start chatting to each other in their own funny language.   Damaged item - Damage to exterior packaging

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