Best You Have To Kiss a Lot of Frogs eBook Stockists

Best You Have To Kiss a Lot of Frogs eBook Stockists

“A provocative and intelligent look at the ways that people search for a meaningful life.”—Publishers Weekly Forty-five-year-old actress Karrie Kline doesn’t usually lose a lot of sleep over her age or her single status. But after one too many bridal showers, a notice on her apartment, an expired unemployment claim and her acting prospects drying up—too old to play the ingénue, too young for the role of matriarch—she’s awake at 2 am and determined to get perspective on her life. Starting with the men she’s dated. From the man whose parents loved her more than he did, to the famous actor who had more bark than bite, Karrie traces back through her love life to uncover how her experiences have shaped her and how to find meaning in the past. Told with warmth, wit and poignancy, You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs shows how to face your memories—even the darkest, most secret ones—with courage, humor and hope. “More than just a catalogue of loser guys and bad relationships, Graff’s smart and funny novel shows just how hard finding the right man can be and how easy it is for a relationship to fail.” —Booklist “We’re rooting for her to find everything she’s been missing—which turns out to be less than she imagines.”—New York Daily News

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The Texas Ranger's Daughter book

Historical Fiction February 2013 OUTLAWS DON’T BECOME RANGERS… …or even suitable husbands for proper young women like Ranger’s daughter Laurie Bender. Big, bad Boon should know this – he once rode with the most notorious outlaw in Texas! To redeem himself, and be in with a shot at a coveted Ranger’s Star, he must now rescue this feisty little lady from his former gang. Laurie represents everything a dangerous man like Boon can never have: she’s beautiful, honourable…and when they share a stolen kiss Boon starts dreaming the impossible.

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Question of Trust eBook

Mira March 2012 Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But what if you can't tell which is which? When attorney Izzy McNeil’s home is broken into, right after her boyfriend moves in, she ignores the coincidence. When Theo is arrested on charges of fraud, she wants to believe he’s innocent. But when a neighbor is found dead in their home, she can't ignore that something is very, very wrong. Izzy also can’t forget how Theo was inexplicably turned down for a mortgage. Or his recent moody silences. Or how a stranger warned her that Theo needs to “accept responsibility…” Thrust into Theo’s case, Izzy must...

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The Wealthy Greek's Contract Wife ebook

Modern February 2010 In his hand was a contract to prove she owed him thousands… And she was penniless… With her last pennies in her pocket, Elizabeth Wareham arrived in Greece to fight for what was hers. But her adversary, Ilios Manos, was like a man carved from mythology. Ilios would take her body if he had to – he was in that kind of mood. But the flicker behind her eyes belied an innocence he couldn’t ruin. So he’d take the next best thing – he was a man in need of a wife… He would show her mercy and she would take his name! Needed: The World’s Most Eligible Billionaires Three penniless sisters, pure...

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An Ideal Husband? ebook

TO MARRY A RAKE When heiress Sophie Ravel finds herself in a compromising situation, notorious Richard Crawford, Viscount Bingfield, swoops in and saves her reputation! She might have escaped the attentions of one undesirable, but will Richard's protection expose her to even more scandal? Richard curses his impetuousness at offering a betrothal in the heat of the moment! He gladly accepts Sophie's terms that their engagement remains a pretence until, quite by chance, he unlocks his shy fiancée's passionate nature. Now nothing will steer him from wedding - then bedding - his blushing bride...

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Escape for Mother's Day book

Special Releases March 2012 by Abby Green, Chantelle Shaw & Fiona McArthur Pascal Léveque had his sights set on Alana Cusack – once half of an infamous celebrity couple, Alana’s marriage was a sham. Now, as the tycoon’s mistress, she feels loved – but then one night leads to a baby! Includes: The French Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress; Di Cesare's Pregnant Mistress; The Pregnant Midwife

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The Camden Cowboy ebook

Cherish March 2013 TAKIN' CARE OF BUSINESS Lacey Kincaid was determined to prove to her father that she could play with the big boys. So she rode into Northbridge, Montana, to get her way with the mighty Camden conglomerate - until she found herself up against easygoing rancher Seth Camden. Suddenly, she couldn't stay out of flirt mode! More cowboy than CEO, Seth Camden was content to tend the farms in his family's corporate empire. But the pleasure was all his as he showed workaholic Lacey how to relax...until he couldn't tell if it was alarm bells or wedding bells he heard ringing...

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The Officer and the Proper Lady- Volume 7 of Rege... both

Lieutenant Hal Carlow was a fine soldier, but he was also a flirt, a rake and a scoundrel! In general, he tried to steer clear of proper young ladies – no fun at all - and spend time with the sort of women who appreciated his finer qualities...Julia Tresilian’s duty was to find a husband, but her prospective suitors bored her to tears! Yet even talking to the incorrigible Hal Carlow was dangerous to marriage prospects, let alone anything more...

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Suddenly You / His Larkville Cinderella book

Suddenly You Pippa White has always been out of bounds for Harry Porter. First she was going out with his best friend Steve. Then she had his baby. They might have broken up, but Harry would never betray a lifelong friendship by pursuing a woman he's always found incredibly compelling. Would he? His Larkville Cinderella The small-town girl with big dreams has finally reached Hollywood! For years costume designer Megan Calhoun has longed for someone to really notice her and, under the gaze of A-list heartthrob Adam Noble, she begins to step out of the shadows...

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Diamonds are for Surrender both

Special Releases February 2013 by Bronwyn Jameson, Tessa Radle, Maxine Sullivan Three Rich Men and a Web of Lies Vows & a Vengeful Groom: ­­Ric Perrini, chairman of Blackstone Diamonds and Sydney’s sexiest bachelor, still had one elusive prize…Kimberley Blackstone. Luring her back to her birthright and into his arms would be Ric’s toughest job ever. Still he’d accept nothing but her total surrender… This title also includes Pride & a Pregnancy and Mistress & a Million Dollars.

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Raven eBook

Spice December 2009 Raven shapeshifter Morrigan spent years gathering souls for her demon master Akramand indulging in wicked fantasies about him. Now Morrigan only has one more soul to collect before she can go free. But Akram isn't ready to let his favorite huntress go. Not without giving in to his maddening desire for her first...

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